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Success Stories

Take a look at some case studies from our clients in Healthcare IT, FinTech and other regulated industries.

ReadySet: HL7 integration for surgical schedule & loaner inventory management

The HL7 integration engine enable ReadySet Surgical securely connect and ingest EHR/EMR data from Integrated delivery networks, hospitals and surgery centers efficiently and in real-time. This electronic integration becomes vital for the vendor inventory tracking, case coordination, scheduling, real-time notifications, invoice reconciliation and system reporting for OR, SPD and supply chain personnel.

ReadySet: Surgical inventory platform migration to AWS cloud

ReadySet Surgical offers a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform for effective coordination of surgical vendor inventory. Easy to install and intuitive to use. The software simplifies the vendor inventory process, connecting all members of the surgical team through comprehensive, real-time communications.

DynoSense: AI Data Analytics platform in multi-region AWS cloud

DynoSense provides health-enhancing products and services via an easy to use Al Data Analytics Platform. The solutions designed by DynoSense strive to improve an individual’s health and educate users to make smarter health care decisions and reduce the risk of life-threatening conditions.

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What Our Client’s Say

“We were dying to use the cloud but were really stuck: We knew we wanted to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) but there were all these things we couldn’t do to make that work, like HIPAA compliant DevOps, HITRUST, and infrastructure security.”

“Our platform runs on amazon…when we started working with dinoct, the team already had the experience, knowledge, and expertise to hit the ground running. The team was able to take over network operations very rapidly, they stepped up and started taking over the business processes that run on our platform. This was a higher value that we’re getting than what we originally agreed on.”

“Impressed with their responsiveness…I can sleep well at night. Dinoct helps us to scale our services in an elastic manner. They have helped us focus on our core R&D, insured high availability, utilize best practices, and quality deliverables”