CloudRegulatedTM is the HIPAA compliant Healthcare Cloud Stack

for your application and data needs

Built on proven cloud platforms, CloudRegulatedTM  simplifies security, compliance, and scalability for your web or mobile app

Security & Compliance

World-class data protection protocols to help you stay secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Healthcare-specific security protocols to protect against breach attempts.
Automated alerts & log checks
Intrusion detection & prevention
SIRT governance
HIPAA policy governance and compliance management


Tried-and-true processes to achieve stellar uptime using enterprise-level monitoring and HIPAA-mandated maintenance.

Proven technical operations expertise to keep your enterprise systems up and running.
Uptime & availability
Infrastructure, patch & user management
Storage management
Log management
Runbook maintenance


Cloud infrastructure customized for you, from initial buildout to performance improvement, integration, and deployment.

An agile and efficient approach to cloud application packaging and deployment.
Build & release management
Configuration management
Software deployment & optimization
Infrastructure automation

Customer Support

Keep your cloud covered with always-on access to live human support from IT professionals.

24/7 certified tech support for rapid incident response and escalation.
Problem management
Change management
SLA management
Asset management
Full incident logging and audit trails

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Dinoct: Right for you

Dinoct helps companies of all sizes in regulated industries. CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, development and IT teams need to overcome regulatory, security and compliance challenges in a fast, cost-effective way.
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Dinoct has been operating HIPAA compliance cloud environments for years.

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Clients and Partners

“Dinoct’s ability to rapidly design, provision and deploy a highly-available HIPAA security rules-compliant AWS cloud infrastructure, using a wide variety of leading 3rd party tools and technologies, was critical to the success of our web-portal.”
Tarun Upadhyay, CTO, hCentive
“We are very happy with Dinoct. I think that any company that is seeking to move to the cloud or is already on the cloud can benefit from their experience and expertise.”
Anand Natrajan, CTO, Lucid Media
“High availability and operational excellence is a core competency that we must have since we are a web application as well as a phone application. We have been very happy with Dinoct. I’ve been very impressed with their responsiveness. They are 24/7, very rapid, any minor issue they are right on top of it, so I can sleep well at night.”
Ashish Soni, Co-Founder, President & CTO, Ringio