Healthcare CyberShieldSM

Keep your network, data and systems safe, says HHS 405(d)

Comprehensive solutions to ensure PHI protection and compliance with HIPAA 

Key Healthcare Industry Cyber Challenges 

Healthcare faces unique challenges when it comes to IT – challenges that can be frustrating, expensive and risky. Your entire database is dependent on the quality of the cybersecurity protecting it.

Ransomware Attack

Email Phishing

Insider Threats

 Cloud Threats


Data Breaches

Dinoct’s Healthcare CyberShield℠ Towards Hackers

Whether it is a small physician practice, or a larger healthcare organization, fear of the cyber threat of PHI is a real headache. Why spend your precious time on thinking how to avoid hackers, when you don’t have to? Our healthcare CyberShield℠ is the solution to your problem. 

Email Protection 

Protect data against email attacks, ransomware and socially engineered threats.

Endpoint Protection 

Protect your endpoints and business data from falling into wrong hands.

Access Management

Optimize security, scalability and gain a friction less access control.

Data Loss Protection 

Prevent data leaks headed your way with customized DLP  solution

Asset Management

Establish visibility and control over your assets with the asset management solutions

Network Management

Boost the performance of applications and handle increasingly heavy data loads. 

Vulnerability Management 

Stay ahead of cyber threats and protect organization from vulnerabilities.

Incident Management

Preserve digital evidence and reduce operational impacts to focus on the core business. 

Change The Healthcare Security Paradigm With Dinoct

We can help! Our solutions are crafted around a listen-first approach that puts your needs at the forefront and allows for continued maturation for your security program.

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