Cybersecurity Services

Active defenses against cyber threats

Shield Against Ransomware

Dinoct safeguards your organization from ransomware with industry-leading best practices.

We implement most effective strategies like the NIST Ransomware Framework, to provide a robust and reliable approach to ransomware protection.

Tabletop Exercise

Dinoct can help in conducting comprehensive tabletop exercises designed to enhance your readiness and resilience in the face of ransomware attacks and other disaster recovery scenarios.

Our NIST & CISA-aligned tabletop services enhance your organization’s resilience, ensuring business continuity and peace of mind

Penetration Testing

Critical web apps and networks face constant cyber threats. Regular penetration testing proactively identifies weaknesses before attackers exploit them.

Dinoct offers comprehensive web application and network penetration testing services to safeguard your organization’s data and systems.


Dinoct’s CyberShield℠ is a comprehensive suite of security solutions designed to protect both cloud environments and endpoint devices from sophisticated cyber threats.

We combine advanced security technologies with deep industry expertise to provide comprehensive protection for your digital assets.

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