Dinoct’s Empowering Company Retreat-A Recap

We just got back from our annual retreat!  It was clearly the best and we are excited to share the experiences. 

Hosted in the picturesque Vagamon, our three days retreat brought together the entire team to spend some time away from the everyday hustle, recharge batteries and enjoy the thrilling experience with unforgettable memories. Our retreat couldn’t be 100% hands-off work as we are a 24×7 company. So we made sure to include work hours as well.

First Day -Welcome to the retreat!

Since our last retreat at Kumarakom in 2022, we have hired new employees. This retreat was the perfect way to meet new colleagues. So we decided to meet at our Kochi office and travel together to Vagamon.  Winter Vale Green Stay Resort , a serene resort surrounded by nature’s splendor, greeted us with some hot spiced tea.

We chose a guided nature hike around some of the lower peaks that surround the resort.  After the rejuvenating walk, it was time for some fun games followed by dinner. We called the night early because we knew day 2 would be busy from start to finish.

Our second day..

We kicked off the day with Sneak a Peek . The purpose of this team building activity was to foster camaraderie, encourage communication, and build leadership skills. Everyone took part with full energy and the winners were announced. 

Company presentation sessions were kicked off by our CEO & Founder. He led us in a discussion on 2023 reflections, achieved & missed milestones, as well as our goals for 2024. Our MD shared some key thoughts for our professional and personal growth. Additionally, the functional leads had the opportunity to share their own department accomplishments and updates. We also included a quiz session for the team so they can test their knowledge and identify the gaps.

Before lunch, we took advantage of having everyone in the same place with photo shoots. Shout out to Alphonsa Digital Studio and our talented photographer for capturing our memories.


After the work, the team deserved some fun. So we opted for an outdoor activity – a bumpy jeep safari. It wouldn’t be a proper Vagamon retreat without a safari! We enjoyed the landscapes, lush pine forests, waterfalls, tea plantations and broad valleys. The cool breeze and the fast moving fog made it all the more delightful. Later in the evening everyone met for some fun activities and happy hours followed by a sumptuous dinner.

Giving gifts is a wonderful way to show our appreciation and affection to employees. But, if we could give beautiful gifts while also supporting a noble cause, wouldn’t that be even better? For this retreat, we decided to buy Vapasee products as return gifts for our team. Vapasee, a startup company based in Kochi, focuses on reducing waste significantly and recycling a huge mass of what’s been produced. They turn glass bottles, coconut shells, wood and metal waste into home decor items and art pieces. Vapasee also provides employment offers & income to local women’s self help groups. 

Our third and final day..

Third day was the time for farewell. After breakfast, we packed our bags and gathered for some memorable photo shoots, discussions & goodbyes and then we all were on the way to our homes…

Final thoughts

Our second retreat was a resounding success, leaving us with a stronger bond, new knowledge, and cherished memories. We feel refreshed and energized heading into 2024. Let’s continue to work hard, communicate openly, and support each other in every step of the way.

Cheers to the future and continued growth of Dinoct !

Already looking forward to the 2024 retreat!!








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