Case Study – HIPAA compliant AWS cloud infrastructure for hCentive’s WebInsure platform

Design, build and launch production environment for WebInsure – Health Insurance Portal/Exchange platform


hCentive, a leading healthcare technology provider, selects Dinoct to design, provision and manage the cloud infrastructure needed to support their web-based health insurance portal


When hCentive’s flagship web application was selected by few leading U.S. health insurance careers, they needed to quickly build and implement a sclable and reliable production infrastructure to support 5 million customers. The production environment should also comply with HIPAA security rules.


Dinoct’s experienced team designed, provisioned and deployed a complete infrastructure solution using AWS cloud and 3rd party tools. The secure, sclable and HIPAA compliant platform was delivered within 2 months


Dinoct build and launched the production infrastructure in AWS cloud within 2 months before the annual enrolment period. The platform utilized the following technology and services used to maintain the platform:

R53 | VPC | EC2 | ELB | S3 | SNS | SES

To insure the highest level of security Dinoct included features like:

VPC with SG and ACL

Public and private subnets

Encrypted EBS volumes


ClamAV antivirus protection

Key benefits:

HIPAA security rule compliance

Cost effective cloud economics

99.9% system availability

Sclable for high-volume traffic

24/7 pro-active monitoring


“Dinoct’s ability to rapidly design, provision and deploy a high-available HIPAA security rule compliant AWS cloud infrastructure using a variety of leading 3rd party tools and technologies was critical to the success of our web-portal.”

Tarun Upadhyay
CTO hCentive