Dinoct’s Annual Retreat 2022

Super excited to announce that our Annual Company Retreat will be held in May! This retreat is our once-a-year gathering to spend some time together in person. Can’t wait for it!

As a remote work team, we don’t get to spend a lot of time with the colleagues we work with every day. Though video meetings are helpful, nothing enhances the relationships with co-workers quite like seeing each other in person. So Dinoct has decided to host its annual retreat to provide employees with a chance to decompress and bond in a social setting away from the stresses of everyday deliverables. It is something we’ve been excited to do because it would be also the first time a few of our team members would meet in person and for others to be reunited after a long Covid break.

We have settled for a 3 days retreat in God’s own country with a mix of activities from meeting, to games & excursions, to dinner.
What’s fun about this retreat is that there’s a great balance between talking about work and simply relaxing and to experience it with people we work closely with, makes for a great time to look back on together. We think this retreat is perfectly timed for new friendships to form and old relationships to strengthen.

Although we’ll be out of the office, we’ll still be checking in on emails and managing our client requirements as well. We’ll also be sharing more details about the event soon. To keep up with all the fun, please do visit our website some time later.

COVID-19 Awareness and Response

We are continuing to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and have planned the gathering while following all government mandatory rules and regulations. All Dinoct staff attending this retreat are fully vaccinated and duly follow the mandatory protocols.