Navigating Tomorrow: Our Google Cloud Next’23 Highlights!

Dinoct was at the Google Cloud Next 2023 which unfolded in the vibrant city of San Francisco. During this event, Google unveiled an impressive array of upcoming services and enhancements tailored for both enterprise teams and developers.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this remarkable event.

  • Google Cloud’s AI: Shaping Tomorrow, Today!

Google Cloud is leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform various aspects of the digital landscape. Vertex and Duet AI aims to help organizations improve its cloud managed services, security and interoperability in a number of ways, including automating tasks such as provisioning and configuring servers, improving security by identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities to protect customers’ data from cyberattacks and also in improving interoperability by  integrating different cloud platforms and applications. 

  • Simplify security with Generative AI 

Google Cloud announced that it will  integrate Duet AI into its security solutions so that organizations can not only deal with security challenges but also provide valuable insights on threats and manage their cybersecurity a lot better. Cloud Security AI Workbench spans a range of new AI-powered tools, like Mandiant’s Threat Intelligence to accelerate detection of threats and improve visibility across a range of vulnerabilities. 

  • Google Cloud’s Generative AI Partner Initiative

Google Cloud announced a whole host of generative AI initiatives involving its partners.It already offers exclusive benefits of certification courses to build skills, experience, and competency with Google Cloud. During the Next 2023, it  introduced a fresh initiative known as the Generative AI Partner Program. This program is designed to offer partners a guided path into the world of Artificial Intelligence. Partners will receive comprehensive AI journey maps and a wealth of learning resources. 

Dinoct as a proud Google Partner, helps healthcare organisations enhance the security posture of their cloud infrastructure and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, powered by GCP certified security experts and a combination of leading technologies tailored to the organisations’s specific needs and risk profile. We at Dinoct are here to guide you every step of the way.








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